Thursday, February 3, 2011

She Bit Her Lip? Really Now?

So yesterday I had to take my sweet little daughter to the dentist.  I knew more then likely they were going to have to pull her bottom teeth because one of the adult teeth was already through the skin behind her baby teeth and another one is almost through.  Kiddo was so nervous, but I tried to assure her it would be fine and they would make sure she did not hurt.  When we arrive at the dentist they give us our consultation and sure enough, they need to pull four so there is plenty of room for the adult teeth to finish coming in and move forward.  Her baby teeth never got loose, and it didn't look like they would, so this was the route we needed to go.  She does beautifully getting her teeth pulled.  No crying or anything.  They have her the "happy gas" and numbed her gums with a shot.

Okay, let's fast forward an hour or so.  Kiddos lip is HUGE.  At least five times the size it's supposed to be.  I'm not really concerned yet, but I call the dentist office and ask them about it and they tell me it's probably because while her lip was numb she was chewing on it.  Okay, I can buy that.  Sounds logical.  As the day wears on her lip begins to look worse and worse.  I get concerned that maybe she is having an allergic reaction to the drug or something.  When husband gets home we discuss it and decide that since she is acting fine, no fever, or anything out of the ordinary we will give her ibuprofen for the night and call the dentist back in the morning.

This morning kiddo wakes up and her lip looks awful.  Like it's infected or something.  I am about to freak out and husband calls the dentist office again.  Once again we hear, "Oh she must have bit her lip while it was numb."  Good thing husband was on the phone with them and not me.  I would have went off.  I get her an appointment with the pediatrician this afternoon.  He takes a look at it and assures me she did not have an allergic reaction or anything, but that she has suffered lip trauma.  WHAT THE FUCK?!  Lip trauma?!  He can see me starting to get upset and tries to calm me down and explains that probably either the dental dam or the assistant pulled on her lip too much and since she couldn't feel it, she didn't know to ask them to stop. 

Now, I have had no problems in the past with kiddos dentist office.  I like going there because it is a pediatric dentist and she has been going since she was three.  However, after this little incident I am a little displeased.  Luckily it hasn't scared her away from the dentist or anything, since she couldn't feel anything, but still.  Lip trauma on a six year old just for pulling teeth?!  I'd kinda like to go and give them all lip trauma right now.

Thank god I'm going out with a friend tonight for karoke and beer.  I need it!


  1. OOOOHHHH! I'm with you! Bless her heart!!!

    And...Jealous party of one over here....I so could use a night out! Hubby won't be home till the 10th! Enjoy girlfriend and have a couple for me!