Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow. Fabulous.

Really, I am in such a shitty mood.  I had a GREAT weekend, besides the millions of meltdowns the Drama Queen decided was necessary, but then Monday had to come.  And with it comes snow and sickness.  Even for someone who is a "stay at home mom" Monday's still suck.  I want a re-do and a damn day off! 

I am going to guess, since this is the south and all, we won't have school tomorrow with this snow.  My daughter has been off from school since last Wednesday with her teeth pulling incident.  They are predicting more snow this week.  What did I do to deserve such bad ass karma?  Seriously.

Sorry this is a short and pissy post, but I'm short and pissy myself.   


  1. Hang in there sister! I've been pissy myself and forget talking about sick. I can't complain about the snow, but hate life for you dealing with that crap.

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