Friday, January 28, 2011

I would like to thank.....

the little people.  Without you, this would not be possible. 

What the fuck?!  Sorry about that.  It has always been a dream of mine to give a speech like that.  Anyway, I got an award!  An award people!  OMG, doing the happy dance. 

Okay, now what do I do with it?  No, really, I have no clue.  Are there rules?  Am I supposed to forward it?  Help a newbie out here peeps!

Torystellar, you're the best bebe.  I love ya!  Big kiss.

Check her out, y'all.  She's one of my besties and you'll love her.  Trust.  Can U Relate?


  1. So check it out, yo....*in my very best Randy Jackson voice*

    Seriously, the rules are you have to tell us 7 things about yourself. And then pass it on to 5 other bloggers of your choice and then notify them with a comment on their blog so they'll come to your blog to get it.

    Enjoy it honey bun!!! You deserve it.

  2. Nice! You are super stylish. :)

  3. HMC, thanks! lol

    Semi, can I just tell the seven things about myself? ;-)

  4. Hey - congrats on the award and thanks for stopping by my place! Have a great weekend...

  5. Yes, you do a blog post and tell us 7 things about yourself and then pass on the award to 5 others.