Monday, January 31, 2011

Blah, It's Monday......

So, yeah it's Monday and I generally hate them.  Nothing really good ever happens on a Monday.  At least, not in my world.  So, I don't have anything to really blog about today.  I will, however, play by the rules of my fabulous award that was lovingly bestowed upon me by Torystellar.

I am supposed to list seven things about me.  I am not all that exciting, but here goes.....

1. I am deathly afraid of heights, roller coasters, and flying.
2. I have an unhealthy addiction to young adult paranormal romance novels.
3. The only drug I have ever done is marijuana and I don't get what all the hype about it is.
4. I love Chinese food and would eat it every day if possible.
5. I have no tolerance for bad table manners.
6. I often wish I had made better choices when I was younger to see how my life would have turned out.
7. I hold grudges for a very, very long time and realize that is not a healthy thing to do.

So there you have it folks!  Ain't I a winner?!

(Yes, I know I'm supposed to pass this along, but I'm lazy tonight.  Rain check?)


  1. Cheers! I'm pro pot myself and think it could single handedly clear up the deficit. It would also free up a lot of space in the prison system so that real criminals could stay behind bars.

  2. I totally agree. My hubby was watching something on one of the Discovery Channels (I think?) the other night about legalizing pot, I was only half listening, but the commentators were of course arguing why it's not a good idea. I personally think it would be a good thing. I get tired of murderers and rapists getting barely a slap on the wrist and pot dealers/users getting put in for a long time. What a waste.


    I tagged you :)

  4. Legalize it and tax it! Will take care of more problems than anyone realizes.

  5. Dang I'm a bitch if they don't have good table manners. Don't even think about talking while chewing! As Taylor from The Real Housewives said, "I'm gonna take you out back and go all Oklahoma on you"!


  6. I hear ya Megan. I'm a Southerner and not afraid to go behind the woodshed for something like that! lol

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