Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tantrum? PMS? Demonic Possession?

I am seriously about ready to call a priest and beg for him to come with Holy Water.  And I'm not Catholic.  Or religious.  I have absolutely no idea what has happened to my sweet, although strong willed and opinionated, child.  I would trade the last few months for "Terrible Twos or Threes" any day. 

My daughter is six years old, going on about twenty six.  She is an only child and I admit spoiled.  She has always been strong willed and opinionated and while that gives me a headache as a mother, it gives me peace of mind that she will not be steam-rolled by others.  However, for the last few months things have went from bad to worse.  She seems to have at least one tantrum daily.  She cries at the drop of the hat, and she has never been a a crier.  She will argue until she is blue in the face with just about anything you say to her. We have tried all sorts of punishments for the misbehavior's ( time out, taking away favorite things, no TV/movies, and yes even a spanking or two) and all of it is to no avail.

I have talked with her teacher to see if there is anything going on at school.  Her teacher, whom I totally trust to know if there is a problem because she is so in tune with her students, assures me that she has seen no difference in my daughter.  She brings home excellent work, plays well with others, etc.  I have sent her guidance counselor a message in hopes that he has some brilliant idea on how the husband and I can work through this issue with her. 

Please tell me there is another six year old girl out there going through this and it's just another "phase!"  If not I am going to call the insane asylum to set me up a room with a Xanax and vodka drip.


  1. Ha, I was reading this thinking, "did I do a guest post?". My daughter is 6 and we call her Sybil! You remember the Sally Field movie right? I swear Claire can snap at a drop of a hat and knows it all! We can never tell which one will grace us with her presence! Time outs don't work, things taken away don't work. I am praying it's just a phase, right? Hey at least we can compare notes, lol!

    Now following you hon!


  2. Been there! It starts getting better at 7 :) You might find that your daughter is actually starting to grasp the concept that we're all mortal, and/or realizing that she''s a big girl now and not mommy's baby anymore.
    Was just stopping by for the blog hop!

  3. 1 Funky Woman, LOL! I know Sybil well. In fact, I guess we both apparently have her spawn living in our home. Grrrreeeaaattt! Thanks for the follow and I will do the same.

    Knittycat, I am glad there is hope. My little hoodlum turns seven in August so I will keep my fingers crossed I only have about six more months of this. Thanks for stopping by! Will pay you a visit and follow as well.